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Habanero compound butter

This is for super heat freaks only. This is hotter than hot my friends.

5 habanero chilies, grilled and puréed. You’ll notice grilling the chilies reduces the heat enormously. You might want to wear gloves unless a burning feeling under your fingernails is what your looking for)

1 TBS of chipotles which are ground up with an immersion blender.
Mix the habarneros and chipotles
1 lb of soft butter.

Mix the goods with the butter. Roll up in Saran, grab both ends and roll away from you and keep rolling until you get hard butter. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour

This recipe uses 1 pound of butter where all the others use just 1/4 of a pound. If you want to use 1/4 of a pound just divide the other ingredients by 4. But hey I LOVE HEAT so I make as much as possible.

Check out my friend Kristen’s blog, she loves heat too.

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